Electromagnetic Field Blocking Window Film (EMF)

Why EMF Film ?

We are all exposed to magnetic and electric energy emitted from mobile devices, phone masts even wifi signal each and every day. It has been know for to affect people's wellbeing and frame of mind, subconsciously worrying them about the effects of all the electromagnetic interference in and around us.

Although not widely known, electromagnetic window films can provide the same function as your everyday window films, blocking heat glare, UV etc.

The added feature of these very clever window films is that they can reduce the signal strength quite dramatically from things like mobile phone masts. The addition of microscopic layers of gold, silver, copper and aluminium on the film’s surface act as a blocker for signals that pass through it and the glazing.

It is fair to say that the majority of solar films do have a ‘metal’ content of some sort depending on the film construction and does provide a low level of protection regardless.

Our Spectrum 70 solar window film has been tested on mobile phone signals, both 3 and 4G with a typical frequency range of 1GHz to 8GHz. At 1GHz our applied Spectrum 70 film reduced the signal strength to less than 2% of the original strength.

The film has nearly 70% light transmission, making it a very bright film without too much light loss, equivalent to the front doors of your car, for example. It is not very reflective, making its placement almost non-detectable.

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