Conservatory Window Film

Take control of your conservatory's overheating

Window film to provide heat and light protection for your conservatory

Most people that have a conservatory will tell you that it quickly becomes one of the favourite rooms in the house. Normally and add-on to most homes, a conservatory is designed to be a light, airy and sociable space.

If your conservatory receives direct sunlight during the day, then the chances are the interior temperature can quickly increase. Without some form of sun protection a conservatory can soon become unbearably hot.

This is where conservatory window film really comes into its own – providing a clean, fresh and stylish look to your glass, without completely compromising on light entering the room; and at the same time blocking out up to 99% of the harmful UV light as well as around 80% of the sun’s solar energy that would otherwise send your thermometers rocketing!

Conservatory window film can block around 80% of the sun's solar energy
Keeping your conservatory cool, while blocking out up to 99% of harmful UV light at the same time!
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"Its sunny today, and the tinting is working fine...all the glare is gone and can easily see the computer screen"
Mr Jeffs - Conservatory roof, West Buckland Devon
The right window film for the right surface
Tinting Express have specific films for traditional glazed roofs, polycarbonate roofs as well as side windows.
Features and Benefits
  • Reduce heat build up
  • Block up to 99% of damaging ultra violet light
  • Increase the privacy of your conservatory
  • A simple, clean and easy to maintain solution
  • All year round sun protection, with no moving parts

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It's reassuring to know that most of our architectural window films come with a 10 year warranty. This covers peeling, cracking, bubbling, crazing and even colour change in most cases. In the UK we're seeing films last as long as 18 - 20 years before they need changing. That's good news for you !
"Just thought I would send you a message to say that we are delighted with the conservatory roof. It has already become much more regularly used as our lounge and the actual lounge has become more of a snug/TV room, which suits us fine. We have had two lots of weekend visitors in strong sun and cloud/rain, and the weather hasn't in any way affected our usage!! Great. Thank you very much."
Jan Moore - Conservatory, Cirencester

Enjoy more privacy by fitting the correct type of window film

We have a range of films available that let varying degrees of light through. Depending on the level of privacy required, we can send you a small selection of film samples for you to try.

Some window films are designed to offer total privacy while others are more subtle. Past experience of exactly this kind of situation means we will be able to quickly help you find a solution to this sometimes troublesome issue.

Example If you live in semi-detached property, and have a conservatory that is overlooked by neighbours from upstairs – then fitting window film will eliminate this problem by obscuring their view.

Tinting Express supply a range of high/low reflective and non-reflective films that are suited to the domestic environment. These films will improve the performance of your conservatory windows by virtually eliminating harmful ultra violet light, reducing solar heat gain and the amount of daylight exposure: the main causes of fading.

A conservatory is a popular and useful extension to any home, so why not make the most of this great asset all year round? Conservatory window film can provide a simple means to keep this space cooler, more comfortable and also more private.

In keeping with the overall look of the room, whilst protecting you from the sun.
Making your conservatory a more comfortable, private place to spend those lazy summer afternoons!
Not sure which film is right for you?
We can send you a small selection of film samples for you to try!
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