Residential Safety and Security Film

Protecting the family and your possessions

Glass, a wonderful invention, but how safe is it ?

We take for granted the windows and glass around us will keep us warm and dry, but how safe and secure is the glass if it should ever break.

Glass comes in different varieties, float, tempered, laminated for example. But what do you have in your home ? Is it kite marked ? What will happen to it if it should break or smash ? A reputable window installer who uses common sense rules and trade guidelines will provide a window product that is safe for the occupants. But what if you’ve moved into a house thats got old windows or you don’t know the history of the glass, whether it’s been replaced or not. A prime example is a single pane window in a Victorian style home that has sash windows or French doors with glass panels the full length of the door. These panes may have never been changed and could be a real risk if someone trips and falls against it. There’s a likelihood you’ve seen broken greenhouse glass and the large sharp pieces it creates when cracked. This type of glass is similar to that of old house windows. Imagine it piercing the skin if you were unfortunate to fall against the window. What if it were a child. You would never forgive yourself , but you may have been none the wiser in the first place about the type of glass you have. Everyone looks through a window everyday, but doesn’t give it a second thought.

Give us a call, as we can help prevent this event from happening in the first place. Applying a safety window film onto existing glass without the need to replace it will be far cheaper and without the mess. With safety window film applied, glass is held together acting as a barrier to reduce the risk of injury occurring. It will also bring the glass up to the current British standards required in the UK.

Our safety film comes in clear and tinted options. The clear option like the tinted will give 98% UV protection (fading issues). The tinted version comes with the usual add on’s, heat and glare reducing qualities whilst also providing some privacy.


Safety and Security window films come in clear and tinted formats, providing added strength to glass when applied. There are different thicknesses of film, the thicker the more difficult to penetrate.

If you have a situation where you worry about breaking and entering through the windows, you will find that applying a security window film will help and act as a deterrent.

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