Car window film

Choose a level of tint that suits you

Darker tints (5% to 15% visible light transmission) suits vehicles where either occupants, valuable items or expensive tools and equipment need to remain out of sight. These tints make it very difficult to see into the vehicle.

Medium tints (15% to 35% visible light transmission) are aimed at customers who would like a car showroom equivalent level of tint. Looking through the car’s windows from one side to another is still possible, although viewing items on the seat is restricted – so a reasonable level of security is maintained.

Lighter tints (35% to 70% visible light transmission) allow you to see through the car’s windows as normal, so any requirement for privacy or solar energy rejection is lost. These tints are designed for owners who want to adjust the look of the glass in a more subtle, refined way.

Front door heat rejection film (85% light transmission – Heat & UV protection film). Our policy is to abide by the law and keep the car window light levels above 70% for all glass forward of the ‘B’ pillar. Common sense says that you should be able to see out through the windows both day and night and for other drivers to see you in the driving seat and physical reactions you make. Eye to eye contact is sometimes a deciding factor in your next move at mini-roundabouts, for example.

We have a very special film that will reduce heat and UV light into the front of the vehicle and is in the majority of cases suitable for the front doors. Although really clear, you may just want a film for skin protection and to reduce the onset of tiredness for those warm days and if you drive on the continent. We can do a check on your glass light transmission with our light meters prior to installation to see if this product will be suitable and legal.

UV Protect Clear window film (with 80% to 85% visible light transmission) Allowing us to install on the front doors or the rear of the car, and is designed to help protect the fabrics and leathers in the car from deteriorating through regular exposure to the sun.

Sunlight sufferers – Medical Anyone in the car would be protected from ultra violet rays that are harmful to our skin and eyes. Short term effects of exposure can develop rashes, freckles and reddening skin – sunburn. The long term effects, accelerated ageing of the skin and the risk of developing skin cancer. Some sufferers of Lupus and those with photosensitive conditions such as epilepsy for example would benefit from our having our window films applied. There are numerous illnesses caused, that have a direct link to daylight exposure. Call us in confidence to see if we can help make your life a little easier.


The range of window films and the different shades Tinting Express has available means customers get a very good choice, so we would be confident enough to say that your individual tastes can be accommodated. By holding up samples of film to your glass before you buy, you can better appreciate how the final result will look before the installation. Please ask us about our sampling service.

We love what we do
With over 5000 vehicles tinted, it's fair to say, we're experienced !
And 20 years working in this field, we've built a great reputation
Recommendations, repeat custom and regular trade from car retailers are testament to that fact.
"Just wanted to pass comment on the job you did for me on the Defender this week. I know from our chat you had concerns as to whether I would be totally happy with the final result. I collected it yesterday from County and although I didn't know fully what to expect I am very pleased with the job you have done. It looks great and with the dark grey/black vehicle colouring it enhances the overall appearance."
Mr Lake - Car Tint, Barnstaple

What does it cost ?

Below is a guideline price structure for our car window tinting service. It's not written in stone but will give you a good indication and covers our whole range of films, 3 year - Lifetime warranty.

Recent economic changes have dictated the way we price our vehicles. We’ve adapted to what the consumer is expecting and now offer varying degrees of warranty combined with the film’s solar performance. Some vehicles are priced on the complexity of the job. Please quote the Make, Model, Year and Body Configuration e.g. 3 door hatch, 5 door hatch, 4 door saloon, 4 door estate, small SUV, large SUV, van, minbus etc.

The prices listed are a guideline and may vary at any time. We will confirm the price when an enquiry or appointment is made.

3 Door Hatchback  £120 – £160

3 Door Coupe £140 – £180

5 Door Hatchback £170 – £240

4 Door Estate £216 – £288

Large SUV £264 – £320

All prices listed above are inclusive of vat @20%, supplied and fitted.

Film warranties range from 3 years – Lifetime.

Special order films priced accordingly

Car window film fitting service

Our fitting workshop is based in North Devon, where we carry out all of our vehicle installations. By working in a clean environment, we can keep the working area spotless, thereby ensuring top notch results. Not that we’re fussy or anything, well maybe just a bit – but we like to do a great job – and keep our customers happy.

So if you would like your vehicle tinted and would like Tinting Express to carry out the work – then why not combine a trip to the area and a take in a refreshing change of scenery. With a typical installation taking about 4 hours, you get to enjoy some North Devon hospitality while we do the work.

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