Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Films

Vehicle Paint Protection Films have been around for quite some time, in fact, we’ve been fitting them since 2004. This clear film when applied, will assist in keeping your car, camper, motorcycle or mountain bike protected from stone, rubble or road debris.

Here at Tinting Express our main service is window tinting, and all the benefits that come with having film applied to the glass, UV, glare, heat protection and privacy.

The benefit of paint protection film is that you don’t need to keep visiting the car paint shop to get those annoying paint repairs done. Our trained installers are here to help you keep your car in pristine condition .

Ever scuffed your shoes against the paintwork when getting in and out of the car. The dog jumping in and out of the boot area catching the paintwork, driving down a country lane and scratching the side of the car, or even opening the door onto a brick wall and scratching the back edge, chipping the paint…. ahhh !

How much does Paint Protection Cost?

Paint Protection Guideline Pricing

Unlike wrap materials, paint protection film is a transparent product that protects the paintwork from road debris, small stones/gravel, road salt and dirt from damaging the vehicle paintwork.

The different finishes, matt, clear gloss, black gloss, and now clear gloss with a ceramic coating still with self healing properties. The ‘self heal’ product has the ability to do just that when lightly scratched. This self repair happens when heat from the sun warms the film, or manually applied with gentle heat from e.g hot water, hairdryer or a heatgun, making it look like new again.

As the film will be on the vehicle for 5 years plus, we need to clean and prepare the car to get the paintwork to a required state to fit the film.

A general rule of thumb is that we only apply paint protection film to genuine paintwork under three years old.

The paint condition, car age and total surface area to be filmed all make a difference to the cost, or even attempting the work. We will request to see the vehicle to discuss the finer details involved before any work commences.

 Please contact us for a personal quotation as we do offer different products.

Example cost : A front bumper, part bonnet, headlights, ‘A’ pillars, wing mirrors and front of roof will start from around £600.00 incl. vat for the smaller cars using the self heal product, supplied and fitted for the 5 year product.

The new 12 year ceramic version ( released late 2021 ) also has the self heal properties but also has a hydrophobic coating that ‘beads’ water when it lands on a protected panel, reducing the need for cleaning and polishing. Please enquire for prices

You can also buy the product for diy situations. Mountain bikes or around the home for example, where the pieces are easily applied yourself.

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Paint Protection In Action
It makes sense to have it applied, if you want to look after your ride !

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Paint Protection Film