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Glass is not only used as an effective visual component of great architectural design these days – it also comes with some obvious benefits. Allowing high levels of natural daylight in, large areas of glazing can help create a positive, happy home and productive working environment. It can also say a lot about who you are as a person or company.


glazed areas appear more prominently

Visual recognition of glazed areas can bring added safety benefits to ensure glazed areas appear more prominently to avoid accidental breakage. It is also a great way to reinforce your corporate message by reproducing company logos, geometric patterns, graphic shapes and so on – directly onto the glass.


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"Just to say thanks for your rapid response and very professional vinyl wrap. The quality of your work is exceptional."
Mr Priest - Actavis + Allergan
An Exceptional Finish

The results can project a professional finishing touch to your office interiors and reception areas that when used alongside solar window films will give you a stunning, effective and multi-functional business asset. Tinting Express can help you apply these and other creative effects seamlessly to your glazed areas.


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"Graphics for either window film or vinyl application, will need to be supplied in a digital format – i.e. your company logo etc. Photos of the areas you have in mind, with approximate dimensions and a rough sketch will ensure the results meet your expectations. An initial site meeting may be necessary to discuss your ideas, corporate colour schemes and company guidelines before any costings are produced and ideas finalised. Please contact us by email or telephone 01271 320181 if you think this may be of interest."
Manifestation and Branding
Corporate branding is not only restricted to vehicles, stationery, and marketing materials. Why not introduce some personality to your office building by using decorative window film or frosted film to enhance the overall experience and impression your customers have of your company when visiting
Something slightly different
Adding a theme to decorate the window in the home or workplace is certainly something different. These fish are printed onto a frost film, which has then been applied to a bathroom window. The frost film allows 70% natural light in, but gives the occupant 24 hour privacy. Looks great !
Office Window Manifestation
Best to see the glass before you feel it.... Applying what we call 'manifestation', a repeated pattern, to glass areas is a health and safety requirement and it need not be boring

….I think we all know of someone who has walked into a big pane of glass because they didn’t see it first….. Ouch !

It is common to see large panes of glass in our buildings these days, so it’s no surprise Health & Safety laws require the glass in the workplace and public areas, such as schools and offices to be seen. Identification markings such as frosted circles, squares, bands, numbers or company logos have become common place.

Safety window films are also used to strengthen glass, reducing the risk of injury if a pane of glass should break.

For something a little special
We do want to provide you with something a little different and special. Our designer range is fab ! Please call or email giving a brief description of what you're looking for

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