Sunlight Causing Fading?

Exposure to ultra violet can mean expensive interiors are damaged beyond repair

Whilst natural daylight is very welcome, the added problem of fading furniture and carpets is not

For many homes, there is a side of the house that enjoys bright sunshine for a significant portion of the day. Whilst natural daylight is very welcome, the added problem of fading furniture and carpets is not.  The main problem with the fading of furniture, floor coverings and other fabrics is that it occurs gradually. Fading is unavoidable unless you live in a completely dark room, but window film will help to minimise the damage from the main causes.  Gradual exposure over prolonged periods means that changes to the condition and colour of your furnishings are not normally noticeable until comparing these items with those that are kept in constant shade.

How does window film help?

Essentially, window film is acting as a shade or sun screen, unobtrusively installed on your windows, conservatory, sliding doors and so on. The film’s specialist properties filter out the harmful ultra violet (UV) light, reject heat and cut down on the visible light. UV light accounts for nearly half of all fading.

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What Causes Fading ?

The pie chart gives you the percentages that make up fading. Furnishings and furniture dont stand a chance of staying in their original condition  if they’re not protected from the daylight/sun’s energy. Just by adding a clear UV film to your windows with no tint or heat protection, will nearly double the lifespan of your items. Applying even a lightly tinted film will increase the overall rejection rates further by then blocking heat and other visible light energy.

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as long as there is light present, there will be fading!

Fitting window film as soon as possible to your glass is very important, particularly when new furnishings have been installed, as this will help to maximise their useful life.

And with a film warranty of up to 10 years, depending on the brand, it’s a worthy investment.

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This is what a faded wooden floor looks like
The carpet has been removed for us to take a photo. You can plainly see the fade line running diagonally through the photo where the wood has changed colour.

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