Residential Heat and Glare

The sun's light is too much
You're sat on the sofa in the lounge watching TV, catching up on the 'soaps' or watching sport but the sun is low in the sky and its light (glare) is annoying you . Our wide range of window films can reduce the sun glare, making your down time a little more pleasurable.
Too hot in the house ?
Too much heat entering the house through the windows can also be annoying during the warmer months. The film option isn't widely known about but is increasingly becoming more popular. Depending on the film choice, we can lower the temperature in the room, making it a more comfortable place
Take a look
Spend a few minutes watching this video, to see what window film can do for you in the home and in the car
Spectrally selective window films
Heat rejecting film that lets in the light. Yes you really can have it, the technology is here. 70% visible light transmission film with nearly 60% total solar energy rejection. If you dont have glare issues, love the light but want to reduce the heat and UV light, this film could be a perfect fit for your windows.
On the other hand.. Want to keep your room warm in the cooler months ?
This is ideal, especially if you have single glazing. Window films are available with a Low-E coating which means that they will help retain the warmth of a room instead of it being lost out through the windows. The beauty of this product is that it will also keep the sun's heat out in the summer months

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