Window Film for Heat, Glare and Ultra Violet light

Helping you control interior temperatures

Window film can realistically reject between 70% to 80% of the sun's solar energy and cut down 85% of the annoying glare, even more if you really want it.

One problem businesses can face every day in a busy working environment is controlling the level of interior temperatures. In fact this one issue alone can have critical implications for levels of productivity.

With excessive heat build-up in the workplace, personnel can quickly become irritable and the air conditioning unit is often called into action to maintain a cooler atmosphere. By fitting heat absorbing and reflecting window films, less of the heat passes through the glass and the demand on air conditioning is reduced, saving on your energy bills.

Companies can spend one third of their energy bills on heating a building...
..but two thirds cooling it down.
We can fix that
Correctly installed window film rejects 99% of the suns ultra violet light.
Protecting your interior furnishings, products, display items and more.
Glare Reduction
Reducing the sun's glare into the office space can prevent eye strain, headaches and general discomfort especially if you're using computer screens. This combined with any heat entering the room through the glazing can make for a pretty disgruntled employee. By fitting reflective or smoked window films, less light passes through the glass.

Keep the daylight

Control the effects

Sunlight (which is responsible for solar heat gain) is not something that people want to lose completely; since the British psyche is generally geared towards taking full advantage of the sun whenever it appears! It’s more a case of having some control over its effects – hence the reason why the versatility of window film has become so popular in these types of situations.

With natural sunlight, the additional problems with excessive glare on computer monitors, overhead projection screens and other light-dependant, visual presentation aids can cause anything from minor annoyance to persistant eye-strain. Again window film will help combat these problems, allowing staff to work more comfortably and more productively.

Ultra Violet (UV) light does not present itself as an obvious ‘comfort-related’ problem and is often overlooked in many commercial applications – simply because it cannot be seen. However the one of the main effects of UV light is the damage it can cause to interior furnishings, products, display items and so on.

Window film comes with its own built-in UV inhibitor as standard, and once correctly installed rejects 99% of the ultra violet light, approximately 70% to 80% of the sun’s solar energy and cuts down 85% of the annoying glare.

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