White Stripes Decorative Privacy Frosted Window Film

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From: £3.99
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This decorative film allows you to effectively personalise your windows and glass partitions. This film is ideal for semi private situations where you can see someone in the room but not completely identify what maybe written on wall planners on the wall for instance. The only way you’d be able to do that would be to be right up against the glass for a period of time, by which time you’d probably be questioned about your actions. The film has white stripes separated by intermittent clear strips. 35mm white band, 5mm clear gap, 5mm white band, 5mm clear gap then back to 35mm white band, then repeating.

This frosted window film is cut to order.

A5 sample is a ‘try before you buy service’ so that you can confirm this is the correct film for you before you purchase larger amounts. This sample will come with a descriptive label on it and is intended for test purposes only, not for use.

Various sizes to meet your requirements. If the size isn’t listed, please get in touch.

We recommend two people get involved with installation as it can be awkward especially if larger pieces, one to hold the film and one to peel the liner off. You will also need a spray bottle to apply soapy water for cleaning and fitting, squeegee, lint free tissue, tools to measure cut and apply the film. It maybe a good idea to watch some You Tube videos if you’re a novice.

Please don’t hesitate to message us about instructions on how to fit, or any other details on the product.

We have squeegees for sale in store.

Shipping is built into the cost off the film. Any width measurement over 500mm will have to be sent via courier.

Returns will only be accepted as the way the product was sent . No removal of liner, cuts etc.

Please check our other items for sale.

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