UV Protect Solar Window Film - Thurlestone Devon


This luxurious residential property gets plenty of sunshine all year round and rather than reduce the natural light with a darker film, the owners needed a solution that would help protect interior furnishings from excessive fading without losing daylight. Ultra violet light, heat and visible light are the three main contributing factors in fading. UV protect film rejects up to 99.8% of this damaging light.

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How can window film help at home?

Window film is fitted for practical and aesthetic reasons. Frosted and reflective window films offer privacy and security, particularly for windows with a public facing aspect or where they are overlooked.

How much?

Costs are based on the type of film, the number of windows and more specifically the surface area of the glass to be covered. If you provide us with rough measurements we can provide you with an approximate cost.

Site survey

Depending on the complexity of the installation, it may be necessary to inspect the working area for potential issues before we start. Tinting Express will take the time to explain the options and test the glass for suitability.

Try before you buy

We can show you samples of glass with window film applied in different tint levels to demonstrate the difference between clear glass and tinted glass.