We all want to enjoy our conservatories, but the strong beams of the sun can be a little overwhelming during the warmer months. Homeowners may also be looking for ways to retain heat when the seasons become colder.

The use of conservatory window film not only help maintain a cooler environment as well as helping homeowners reduce their fuel costs in some instances.

The Hot Weather Becoming Too Much? How Conservatory Window Tinting Can Help

When we first think of window tinting, the first thought isn’t normally a conservatory. The use of conservatory window tinting is finding popular with many homeowners and business thanks to its affordability and practicality.

There are times when the outside temperature can just become uncomfortable, and in some instances, a conservatory can feel more like a greenhouse.

The use of conservatory window film is great at filtering out UV rays and makes the environment more comfortable as a result.

It’s also great for reducing glare, meaning that you’re never watching the TV or reading the newspaper through squinted eyes.

What Is Conservatory Window Film?

Conservatory window film is a solar control window film. This film is specifically designed for use on residential properties.

The conservatory window tinting will act a metallic defence system when applied to polycarbonate or glass, which reduces the amount of heat build-up that can be so excessive on a hot summer’s day.

The same design can help retain heat within a property. So, if you enjoy using the conservatory in the winter, it no longer must cost a small fortune in relation to heating.

For the best results, it’s always advisable to enlist the help of a professional, as even the smallest mistake could mean the conservatory window tinting isn’t carrying out its role in the right way.

What Benefits Does Conservatory Window Tinting Offer?

Some experiences can be different from others when enjoying the benefits of conservatory window tinting depending on the size and structure of the building.

Those who have conservatory window tinting applied in the past have enjoyed the following benefits.

  • Great Winter Insulation
  • Attractive Aesthetics
  • Affordable
  • Safeguards Against UV Damage
  • Reduces Glare by 76%
  • Rejects 86% of Solar Heat

As well as the above features, many find that they can have more privacy when using their conservatory. Although the use of blinds is commonplace for this, it’s not the best approach for a conservatory.

The use of conservatory windowing tinting offers all the benefits of blinds minus the hindrance.

Is the Installation of Conservatory Window Tinting Easy?

Those looking for a quick turnaround will be glad to know that the install of conservatory window film is fast.

There are solutions for internal and external installations, as well as options for glass and polycarbonate roofs.

The Maintenance and Warranty of Conservatory Window Film

Those currently considering their options will be happy to learn that conservatory window tinting doesn’t require any maintenance, and those who have their conservatory window film fitted professionally will have peace-of-mind thanks to a 10-year warranty.

How Does Conservatory Window Tinting Compare to Other Options?

When looking to reduce the heat and glare in a conservatory, there will be a series of options available to you.

As well as conservatory window tinting, those looking to make improvements to their environment may consider the use of blinds or air conditioning.

Although both have their purpose, when used in a conservatory there could be some other issues arise.

For example, blinds can help stop the glare, but then you’re not able to enjoy the views the conservatory offers.

Similarly, air conditioning can seem like a viable option in some instances, but not everyone considers the ongoing running costs.

Of course, there are situations where air condition is the ideal solution, but for conservatories, it can be very expensive when compared to conservatory window tinting.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Conservatory Window Film

Given that not everybody is familiar with conservatory windowing tinting, it stands to reasons that there are a lot of questions asked.

The following is an overview of some frequently asked questions about conservatory window film.

Will conservatory window film mean my conservatory is darker?

While it’s understandable why so many people think this, all conservatory window film does is offer a tint to the window, which can be comparable to tinted glass.

How long will conservatory window film last?

Because conservatory window film is so affordable, some may worry that the overall effect won’t last for long.

Enlisting the services of a professional in relation to conservatory window film not only ensures that you’re getting the full benefit, but also gives you a 10-year warranty in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

Does conservatory window tinting reduce fade?

One of the biggest problems when using a conservatory is that under really hot conditions, seats, rugs and other furniture are likely to fade.

The use of conservatory window tinting helps omit UV rays which can be one of the main reasons why fading occurs.

As such, homeowners can relax in an environment that’s cooler and more relaxing, without having to worry about furniture becoming damaged.

Is the installation of conservatory window film lengthy?

When making home improvements, very few want to be putting up with days of inconvenience if it can be avoided.

Fortunately, the use of conservatory window film takes no longer than a day, so you’ll be able to enjoy your conservatory in next to no time.

If you’re currently considering the installation of conservatory window fil, but want to discuss your requirements in more detail, then why not get in touch with COMPANY NAME today.