Are you looking for Conservatory Tinting in Devon? Do you have a conservatory that’s too hot? Are you experiencing glare from the sun’s rays? If so, Tinting Express are here to help!

Conservatory Tinting In Devon and surrounding areas

Tinting Express are the U.K.’s leading window tinting specialist, we’re proud to offer a truly unique, friendly service and have been doing so for over 25 years. Our highly skilled team of tinting installers are available throughout the South West covering Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, from residential to commercial.

Conservatories are a great addition to any home, they dramatically increase the living space of any home and open up a huge range of uses from a dining area to a relaxing sun room however during the warmer seasons they can be unbearable with heat and generate annoying glare from the sun.

Reduce the heat and glare with high quality window film

Our expert team of conservatory window tinters can apply a film that will further transform your conservatory into a more comfortable private living area. Applying a high-quality window film will reduce the heat allowing you to spend time in your conservatory even on the hottest of days. We use only the finest quality window film that has been designed to reject solar heat by 86%.

During the summer months conservatory temperatures in the U.K., especially places in Devon can sore and exceed 40°C and for most it can turn your relaxing haven to unendurable situation! Not only can our conservatory film unquestionably reduce heat, it can also protect the contents of your conservatory from harmful UV rays that can be prone to fading such as furniture and wood floors. Our window film not only reduces UV rays to protect you and your family, your contents too!

Reduce glare by over 75%

If you use your conservatory as a summer living room, watching the TV isn’t always an option due to the glare from the sun., with our extensive choice of window films that’s no longer a problem. Window films in this application are specifically designed to reflect rays and reduce glare without sacrificing light.

Increase the privacy of your conservatory

Conservatories are in some case overlooked by neighbors or passing traffic, again with our collection of conservatory window films this is a thing of the past as you can select a film not only to reduce heat and UV rays but to increase privacy during the day and night.

We also have a selection of multi-purpose films that can act as a security measure increasing the protection of your property. These ultra strong films prevent the windows from shattering this creating a security barrier to combat crime.

If you would like to talk with one of our team about the boundless range of uses our films can deliver, please feel welcome to get in touch. We cover all areas in Devon including Exeter, Plymouth, Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Thurlsetone, Torquay and more.