Silver 20 Mirror Reflective One Way Solar Window Film

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From: £3.99
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This is a solar control window film that can help reduce glare by up to 76%, rejects 99% of harmful ultraviolet light and reduce heat by around 35 – 40% through the protected glass. Our Silver Mirror 20 solar window film will also give excellent daytime privacy. Once applied to the glass, it will give a mirror silver finish to the outside and give an unobstructed vision out, looking from the inside. It is also very durable and easy to clean.

It can be used in the home of office and is the perfect film to fit to a conservatory roof to cut down the heat, glare and fading. However, it is only suitable for glass roofs, not plastic types. If you have a polycarbonate roof, then our Silvershade Conservatory Roof Film is available, this has been specially designed for polycarbonate roofs. Please consult us for a price if this is something you’d need.

The Silver Mirror 20 film is not suitable for all types of glazing, wired, float or laminated glass. May cause a problem, especially in the warmer months. Please feel free to message us.

Please note: Because the film works by reflecting light, this will reduce the amount of light entering the room. It will ‘not’ provide privacy at night time if the lights are on inside the premises. To gain complete privacy, you must also have curtains or blinds. The film is not recommended if you are trying to achieve privacy between internal rooms. This is because, normally, there is similar light levels on either side of the pane.

• Easily fitted by using soapy water

• Easy to cut and trim to size with scissors or craft knife

• Reduces Solar Energy by 76%

• Ideal for any smooth flat glass surface

• Gives excellent one-way vision during the day

• Reduces UV light for skin conditions and reduces fading of fabrics

A5 samples are an easy way to find out if the film is suitable for you. Our ‘try before you buy’ service allows you to purchase an A5 Sample of the film before making a larger purchase. The sample piece will come with a descriptive label on it and is intended for test purposes only, not for use.
The film comes in a variety of sizes to meet, mostly smaller quantity requirements. As every window is different we can’t commit to each and everyone’s needs in terms of sizes, on this site. We do sell larger amounts and can cut to requirements. Please get in touch directly using the contact form.

We recommend two people get involved with installation as it can be awkward especially if larger pieces. One person to hold the film and one to peel the liner off.
You will also need a spray bottle to apply soapy water for cleaning and fitting, squeegee, lint free tissue, tools to measure cut and apply the film. It may be a good idea to watch some YouTube videos if you’re a novice.
Please don’t hesitate to message us about instructions on how to fit, or any other details on the product.

We have squeegees for sale in the store.

Shipping is built into the cost of the film. Any width measurement over 900mm will have to be sent via courier.

Returns – Will only be accepted on undamaged or unused goods within 28 days. Waste film or leftover film on any of our products doesn’t count, so please only buy what you require.
The buyer has to pay for any return postage costs.

Please check our other items for sale.

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